Adoption Rights: Parental Consent and Ability to Pay

An article featured in a recent publication of The Indiana Lawyer (available here: discussed a Court of Appeals ruling regarding a natural parent’s ability to pay support and the

When can a Child Support Order be modified? A recent case update by the Indiana Supreme Court.

On December 16, 2014, the Indiana Supreme Court released its opinion in Rolley v. Rolley. This case addresses the interplay between the two subsections of Indiana Code 31-16-8-1 (which provide

How does the Balanced Calendar Affect Your Parenting Time?

  HOW DOES THE BALANCED CALENDAR AFFECT YOUR PARENTING TIME? The balanced calendar, or year-round calendar, has been adopted by many Indiana school corporations recently. A balanced calendar shortens summer

Should You File for Divorce?

Are you thinking about divorce but still uncertain as to whether you should file? Indiana law allows for the filing of a petition for legal separation. In an action for

Indiana Adoption Subsidies

Indiana adoption subsidies shall resume this year! On Tuesday, August 12, 2014, officials announced families that have adopted special needs children from Indiana’s foster care system will finally receive state

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