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Indiana Business Formation – Why do I need to incorporate my business?

Most clients will want to protect their personal assets from a lawsuit or claims against the business.  In Indiana, such protection can be gained through incorporation or establishing a limited liability or other recognized entity formation, and thereafter complying with the necessary procedures for managing the business separate and apart from an owner’s legal assets.

If a separate legal entity is not established,a business owner’s personal assets (such as the owner’s car, home and personal bank accounts) may be at risk when it comes to the debts and obligations of the business.  It is important to safeguard your personal assets with limited liability.

Another benefit to incorporating your business might be name protection.  Did you think of a creative name for your business?  While there are other ways to protect your business name, incorporating gives you a kind of name protection and boost in terms of marketing and name recognition.  Indiana Law requires that the name of a corporation, L.L.C., L.P., and an L.L.P. must be distinguishable from the names of other businesses on the records of the Indiana Secretary of State’s office.

There are also many other benefits to incorporating your business, which may include for example, certain tax benefits and existence beyond the owner’s death, or otherwise called perpetual existence.

What type of corporation is best for me?

A corporation or L.L.C (limited liability company) are common types of corporate structures.  Others might include L.P.’s (limited partnerships) or L.L.P’s (limited liability partnerships).  Different corporate structures may have different tax implication and formalities.

We also assist nonprofit businesses seeking federal tax exempt status.  Let us help you choose a structure that fits your unique needs and goals.

The Indiana Secretary of State’s website is a great resource for further information on incorporating your business.  //www.in.gov/sos/business/index.htm

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