Child Custody and Relocation in Indiana

If an Indiana parent with primary child custody wishes to relocate inside or outside of the state, the relocating parent must file a notice of intent to relocate with the clerk of court. This notice must be served upon the non-relocating parent (or his/her attorney, if represented) by registered or certified mail no later than ninety (90) days before the date that the relocating individual intends to move, or as soon as known if shorter.

Upon motion of a party, the court shall set the matter for a hearing to review and modify, if appropriate, a custody order, parenting time order, grandparent visitation order, or child support order. Not later than sixty (60) days after receipt of the notice, a non-relocating parent may file a motion seeking a temporary or permanent order to prevent the relocation of a child. If the non-relocating parent files such, the court may grant a temporary order restraining the relocation of the child.

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