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We help clients become guardians for their loved ones in the course of a number of difficult circumstances; often as the result of the absence or inability of a parent to care for their children.  If you are seeking to become a guardian, please call us to schedule a free initial consultation.  In the interim, the following provides general information about Indiana guardianship.

A guardianship may be warranted for a number of reasons. The court may appoint a guardian to handle the person or the property of an incapacitated person or a minor. An “incapacitated person” is an individual who:

  1. cannot be located upon reasonable inquiry;
  2. is unable:
    1. to manage in whole or in part the individual’s property;
    2. to provide self-care; or
    3. do both of these; because of insanity, mental illness, mental deficiency, physical illness, infirmity, habitual drunkenness, excessive use of drugs, incarceration, confinement, detention, duress, fraud, undue influence of others on the individual, or other incapacity; or

3.   has a developmental disability.

Appointing a Guardian in Indiana

Once appointed, an Indiana guardian has many responsibilities. In the case of a minor, the guardian has, among other things, many of the responsibilities and authority of a parent and, unless otherwise ordered by the court, is responsible for the preservation of all the minor’s property regardless of where the property is located. In the case of an adult, the guardian must, among other things, following:

  1. Act as a guardian with respect to the guardianship property and observe the standards of care and conduct applicable to trustees,
  2. Protect and preserve the property of the protected person subject to guardianship and secure the protective orders or other orders that are required to protect any other property of the protected person,
  3. Conserve any property of the protected person in excess of the protected person’s current needs,
  4. Encourage self-reliance and independence of the protected person, and
  5. Consider recommendations relating to the appropriate standard of support, care, education, and training for the protected person or the protected person’s dependent made by the protected person’s parent.

Guiding You Through Your Guardianship

We are here to help guide you through your guardianship process. We provide professional, personal and experienced representation to clients in Hamilton County and surrounding areas, and provide personalized and dedicated representation to all clients as we seek to obtain for their desired objectives.

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