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As Indiana real estate lawyers we represent individuals and companies in a variety of real estate matters including:

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes. We represent both Landlords and Tenants.  This includes in eviction proceedings, security deposit issues, lease issues, drafting leases etc.
  • Deed, Title Issues, and Land Transfers. We represent clients in the drafting of a deed, transfer of real estate, land contracts, quiet title actions, tax sale actions, etc.
  • Eminent Domain and Condemnation. If your property is or will be subject to an eminent domain or condemnation action, we are sure you would like an experienced attorney on your side.  Attorney Raymond M. Adler has not only represented clients in eminent domain and condemnation actions, but also has had his own real property subject to these types of issues by local government.
  • Tax Sales. Assist with tax sale and redemption process.

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If you have questions, about real estate, eminent domain and condemnation, or tax sales, contact Adler Attorneys today at 317-773-1974 for a free initial consultation.

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