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Indiana courts are comprised of trial courts and appellate courts.  Trial court is where most litigation begins and ends, but under certain circumstances, a party may choose to enlist the help of an appellate court to reconsider an undesirable ruling received from the trial court.

Indiana appellate courts have two levels.  The first level is comprised of the Indiana Court of Appeals and the Indiana Tax Court.  The second level is the Indiana Supreme Court.  The Indiana Court of Appeals and Indiana Tax Court are intermediate appellate courts, and the Indiana Supreme Court is a court of last resort.  See //

Indiana Court of Appeals & Indianan Supreme Court

The Court of Appeals is comprised of five districts with a three judge panel per district, for a total of 15 judges, and they review criminal and civil rulings from the trial court, including rulings from certain administrative agencies and appeals not taken directly to the Supreme Court.   As long as the proper procedure is followed, the Appellate Court accepts all appeals.  The Supreme Court, however, does not accept all appeals.  It may surprise you to know that the Court of Appeals does not hear oral argument in every case.  Appeals are based heavily on the writting talents of your attorney, and the exhibits and transcripts from trial.

How Long Does it Take to File an Appeal?

There are some very specific time constraints on your ability to initiate an appeal.  Your notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days.  With such limited time constraints, it is our recommendation to partner with an experienced appellate attorney as early as possible so that no deadlines are missed.  Whether our firm handles your trial work or not, we are pleased to cooperate with other attorneys and consult at the trial level to help preserve the record for appeal.

We Can Help

Our appellate attorneys are here to help you navigate through the appellate process. We provide professional, personal, and experienced representation to clients in Hamilton County and surrounding areas. To every case, our attorneys and staff attorneys bring an in-depth knowledge and understanding of this area of law and strive to carry out this service in a Christian manner.

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