New Opportunities for Veterans to Acquire VA Benefits

VA Finalizes New Rules for Character of Discharge Determinations Having an Other Than Honorable conditions (OTH) Character of Discharge determination (COD) or an Absent Without Leave (AWOL) related discharge may

What do I need for a VA Claim?

Navigating VA disability claims can be extremely challenging. Servicemembers can often feel overwhelmed at everything needed to successfully process or appeal a VA disability claim. The best place to start

What’s Your Plan?

Farm Succession Planning Most farm families have a similar interest: keeping the family farm. This means 1) maintaining the land, business, livestock, crops (whatever your particular agricultural interests may be)

Is FinCEN Finished? Not yet.

  The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s newest tool in deterring businesses from committing financial crimes like tax evasion and money laundering through

Business Owners Alert: Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting

Attention Business Owners: This post is to inform of the implementation of the Corporate Transparency Act of 2021. Starting January 1, 2024, every business entity that was created through a

What to Know About Tax Sales

What to Know About Tax Sales By Zechariah Yoder For some, tax sales are wonderful investment opportunities with significant financial upside. For others, tax sales are frightening and threating to

So, You Want to Be a Personal Representative?

One of the more unique experiences in life is being appointed as a personal representative of an estate. In my experience, most people have little knowledge of the function of

Lifetime Legacy Lawyers, caring for aging persons when there’s no one to name as power of attorney

Attorney Thomas Vick and Attorney Seth Wilson discuss caring for aging persons when there’s no one to name as power of attorney. YouTube link to the channel: YouTube link to

The Indiana Lawyer: With so many legal tech services available, how do attorneys find the One? by Tyler Fenwick

“In general, Wilson said the tools that are easiest to use will get the most traction – and bonus points if they’re also fun.” Read more about what Mr. Wilson

Lifetime Legacy Lawyers discuss probate and when to try and avoid it

Attorney Thomas Vick and Attorney Seth Wilson discuss the probate process and ideas on probate avoidance. There’s also a bonus discussion on Thomas’s recent trip to Honduras and his encounter

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