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As Noblesville, Indiana adoption lawyers, we help clients throughout all stages of the adoption process.  We handle domestic adoptions, foreign adoptions, stepparent, and other relative (kinship) adoptions.  We are not an adoption agency that matches prospective parents with children.  To learn more about how we help and the Indiana adoption process, please call us or fill out our online submission form to schedule a free initial consultation.

Adoptions in Indiana

Adoption is the legal process that formalizes a new parent-child relationship. The adoption process begins by filing a petition in the court and providing notice to certain persons who may have a legal interest the process. The biological parent(s) must either voluntarily consent to the adoption or the court may order a relinquishment of their parental rights if certain factors are met.

Indiana law also requires the completion of a home study by a licensed child placement agency. In the case of stepparent adoption, the adoptive parents may petition the Court to waive the home study and submit to a background check only.

Upon completion of all requirements, the Court will hold a final hearing at which time the judge may review all supporting documentation and ask questions of all parties involved.  The judge may then grant or deny the adoption.

Helping You Through Your Adoption

We serve clients in Hamilton County, Boone County, Marion County, Tipton County, Madison County, and Hendricks County and throughout Indiana.  We know that you will have questions; as your attorneys we will be there for you at every step to answer your questions and help advance your adoption.  We provide attentive service to every client in a Christian manner.

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