Suspended License? New Indiana Law Allows Specialized Driving Privileges

Driver license suspensions are something that may have serious effects on one’s employment, and unneeded stress on one’s family. Effective January 1, 2015, Indiana Law has provided what is called “Specialized Driving Privileges”, that allows various individuals who may have had a suspension of driving privileges (suspended license) , a possibility of getting Specialized Driving Privileges by filing a Petition in a circuit or superior court in the county of residence of the driver. This law provides some of the relief you may have heard about in prior years like a hardship license or a probationary license, but is substantively different and even if one was not previously eligible for a probationary or hardship license, they may now be eligible for these specialized driving privileges. If granted, specialized driving privileges would be determined by the petitioning court. The petitioning court could put various conditions on the specialized driving privileges which may include requiring the use of an ignition interlock device, restricting a driver to being allowed to only operate a motor vehicle during certain hours of the day; or between specific locations and the person’s residence. Whether an individual will be granted these privileges by a court is discretionary. Again this relief is something that may be eligible for you or someone you know. Unfortunately the law still does not apply to everyone and the following individuals are among those still ineligible by statute to receive specialized driving privileges: 1) a person who has never held a valid Indiana Driver’s License, 2) a person who holds a commercial driver’s license, and 3) a person who has refused a chemical test offered under IC 9-30-6 (likely as a result of a OWI/DUI stop). For more information please contact Trampas Whalin with Adler Tesnar & Whalin to discuss what your options might be.


Authored by Attorney Trampas A. Whalin, ADLER TESNAR & WHALIN

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