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We understand the consequences our clients face when they have been arrested for drunk driving. Our criminal defense lawyers represent Indiana residents and those visiting our state to attend a concert at Klipsch Music Center (formerly Verizon and Deer Creek) and other venues throughout the state. They face an uncertain future because of drunk driving charges, requiring the help of a seasoned DUI/OWI defense attorney who will vigorously protect their rights.

Protecting Your Rights

An arrest for DUI/OWI with drugs or guns or OWI that leads to an accident can be unsettling and embarrassing. While you may feel that circumstances are beyond your control, you can take control by calling our firm instead of speaking to police officers, which may undermine your case and compromise your rights.

Regardless of whether you have been arrested for a previous drunk driving charge, our focus is on pursuing the best outcome for you. The consequences of a DUI/OWI conviction are severe and can include jail, fines, prison, and increased insurance rates. Driver’s license suspension also remains a possibility, specifically if you refuse thechemical test.

You Deserve a Vigorous Defense

Our sole obligation is protecting your rights and interests.  We work with the prosecutor’s office both inside the courtroom and outside the courtroom to not only pursue the possibility of a hardship license, but also to conduct discovery, cross-examine police officers, and other witnesses, before a trial commences.  We want to discover whether your rights were violated either in connection with a traffic stop or otherwise.  We want to know what evidence the prosecution has, including what any witnesses are likely to say.

Sometimes the prosecution may offer a plea deal.  If such a deal is offered, we will advise you as to our thoughts on accepting such a deal or proceeding to litigation, so that you can make a decision concerning what is best for you.  We take our direction from our clients, and work vigorously in seeking the best outcome possible based upon the strategy that has been approved.

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