Indiana Mediators

Mediation is a process that allows the parties to negotiate their own solution, rather than leaving the outcome of a dispute up to a judge or jury.  Mediation can take place with or without other attorneys involved, and is usually much faster and less expensive than trial.

The Role of a Mediator

Mediators are not decision-makers, and thus they do not issue judgments or orders.  Instead, their role is to help the parties facilitate an agreed-upon resolution of a dispute.   In the divorce context, resolving disputes outside of court can be much less adversarial, and can lead to outcomes and agreements acceptable to both parties.

Certified Mediator

Attorney Trampas Whalin is a Certified Domestic Relations Mediator and Civil Mediator.  If you are interested in resolving divorce or other matters through mediation, please contact Mr. Whalin to find out more about the dispute resolution process.

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