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As Indiana bankruptcy lawyers we represent individuals seeking financial relief by filing for personal bankruptcy.

We understand that the decision to file for bankruptcy is not easy.  We’ll be with you throughout the process answering any questions you may have and taking the time to fully explain the process.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you are facing serious debt problems, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an option to consider. Our bankruptcy attorneys can assist you in moving towards obtaining financial freedom and a fresh start by utilizing the protections provided by the United States Bankruptcy Code.

The effect of a successful Chapter 7 filing involves the discharge of a debtor’s unsecured debt while protecting certain property and assets that are protected by exemptions. Most individuals can retain much of or all of their property while successfully discharging unsecured debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Relief

In some cases, it may be determined that a Chapter 13 filing is in the individual’s best interest. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows a person to create a sort of repayment or debt-restructuring plan to gradually repay their debt and avoid the harassment of creditors.

If an individual is not eligible to file a Chapter 7 and wishes to retain certain non-exempt property, or just simply wishes to repay a portion of their unsecured debt, a Chapter 13 filing may be an appropriate option. Our bankruptcy lawyers can help you to determine if a debt restructuring plan is appropriate for you.

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